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The COVID war has been waged against humanity for two years now. It refers to the measures taken by the authorities of most countries of the world to restrict human rights and freedoms, their moral and even physical destruction. The authorities announced the fight against the so-called «COVID-19 pandemic». But it is nothing more than a smoke screen that covers the goals of seizing power in the world by a small group of «chosen ones», reducing the population on the planet and building a concentration camp for those who survive.

This is no longer a conspiracy theory, but an open conspiracy against humanity, which is becoming more and more obvious signs of fascism. People start to wake up and fight back. At the forefront of COVID-19 resistance are honest, courageous, and professional medical professionals. They show that under the guise of fighting a pandemic, a program of human extermination is actually being implemented. The main means of destruction are the so-called «vaccines» against COVID-19. I have already written enough about such doctors.

Now I would like to draw your attention to those who are in the ranks of COVID resistance alongside medical professionals — lawyers. After all, the campaign against the «pandemic» that has unfolded in many countries is accompanied by a gross violation of many laws and a blatant violation of constitutional human rights.

Vaccination organisers fight against honest doctors with the help of various kinds of paid “whistleblowers» who try to «scientifically» refute the statements and warnings of honest doctors. But with honest lawyers, this method does not work, because it is impossible to refute violations of laws and the Constitution. These violations can only be hushed up.

In the United States, the most famous lawyers who are fighting against the organisers of the total vaccination of the population (first and foremost, the US president himself Joe Biden and his Medical Adviser Anthony Fauci), are lawyers Robert Kennedy Jr. (son of the US Attorney General Robert Kennedy Sr.), Thomas Renz, Aaron Siri.

The last of the named lawyers heads the New York law firm «Siri & Glimstad, which fights mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 through lawsuits and warning letters sent to schools, universities, and employers. “Siri & Glimstad” works in tandem with the «Informed Consent Action Network”, a Texas-based nonprofit group that opposes mandatory vaccinations.

Even more famous in the United States is lawyer Thomas Renz, who works in conjunction with the organisation «America’s Frontline Doctors” (AFD). Last summer, Renz filed a lawsuit on behalf of the AFD in Alabama federal court to stop the mass use of three of the main drugs of American pharmaceutical corporations (Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson):

Vaccines are unapproved, insufficiently tested, experimental and dangerous biological agents that can cause significantly more harm than the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease itself

The lawsuit accuses the US government of concealing the real mortality associated with vaccination against coronavirus infection. According to the plaintiff’s estimates, the official mortality data contained in the VAERS information system is at least five-fold understated.

As for Robert Kennedy Jr., during the current «pandemic», he acts not so much as a lawyer in court cases, but as a public figure with great authority. In front of millions of audiences, he reveals the truth about the so-called «vaccines», calling for a boycott of the mass vaccination campaign in the United States.

Here is a fragment of one of his speeches:»It is not at all hypothetical that vaccines cause complications. In fact, these complications are not uncommon. Vaccine courts have paid out $4 billion to vaccination victims over the past 30 years, and the Department of Health and Human Services itself admits that less than 1% of people who have received vaccination complications go through this court

Kennedy often gives another reason not to blindly trust companies that produce vaccines in the United States: «All the leading vaccine companies, namely Moderna, Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck, are convicted serial criminals. Over the past 10 years, they have paid out $35 billion in criminal penalties and fines for lying to doctors, for fraud, for falsifying science, for deliberately killing hundreds of thousands of Americans.»

In the United States, a real wave of lawsuits in the courts began in the autumn of last year. The reason for such a claim activity was the September presidential decree Joe Biden announced mandatory vaccination for many categories of employees, including employees of companies with a staff of more than 100 people.

In this case, the lawsuits were filed in the courts by the governors and attorneys general of states that in America are usually called «red» (where Republicans are dominant, as opposed to» blue», where Democrats are dominant). Most of these claims are pending in the US district and federal courts. I wrote about this in the article «COVID vaccination in the United States: red states vs. blue president».

There are many examples of such claims in other countries. Usually, lawsuits are filed on behalf of individual citizens and public organisations, and lawyers «accompany» these applications. I.e., they act as legal consultants to the plaintiffs. But lawyers can also file lawsuits on their own behalf. In such cases, they usually have activists and medical consultants behind them.

Many of the claims contain references to the fact that the ongoing «vaccination» campaign is carried out using «experimental drugs» that have not passed the full cycle of clinical trials and that people are not even informed about this.

Such vaccination «experiments» are in blatant contradiction with all ten principles of the so-called «Nuremberg Code». This document was adopted in 1947 in hot pursuit of the Nuremberg trials of Nazi criminals. It was designed to prevent future crimes committed by doctors of the Third Reich in relation to concentration camp prisoners..

The main principles of the code are the voluntary consent of a person to participate in a medical experiment, detailed information about the possible negative consequences of the experiment, the ability to interrupt the experiment at any time at the request of the person, the inadmissibility of the experiment if there is a real risk of death, etc.

The most high-profile cases are those filed in international courts. To date, I know of two cases of this kind. Both lawsuits were filed in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. The first was filed in March 2021 against the Israeli government. The statement of claim was prepared by a group called «Anshei Emet» («People of truth»).

The essence of the claim is that vaccination against coronavirus and its promotion policy contradicts the Nuremberg Code and is a «crime against humanity».

«It is our intention to present to you and detail how in the State of Israel this year, the Government of Israel with its ministers and its Knesset members, heads of cities, and additional senior factors, violate the Nuremberg Code in an unlawful manner, blatant and extreme,» the group wrote in a lawsuit filed on its behalf by Tel Aviv Law Firm A. Suchovolsky & Co.

It was illegally concealed from Israelis that they were taking part in a «medical experiment”. The plaintiffs also stated that the state did not provide alternative ways to combat the epidemic and hides information about the composition of the vaccine.

Anshei Emet’s lawsuit claims that «many» Israelis have already died or lost their health as a result of vaccination. The article refers to the Israeli Ministry of Health, which «openly admitted that 41% of vaccinated police officers, military personnel, education workers and medical personnel experienced serious side effects”. At the level of individual hospitals, there are reports of side effects and deaths, but there is no overall picture. The Ministry of Health is accused of » not having complete reports on the number of dead or injured”.

Ten months have passed since the filing of the lawsuit by Israeli activists. During this time, there was no reaction from the International Criminal Court. Vaccination in Israel continued at a rapid pace, the country became a kind of experimental platform for testing the American drug Pfizer.

In Israel, the campaign for injecting the third dose of the drug is already being completed, and from January 3, 2022, the Ministry of Health announced that the round for injecting the fourth dose will start. Morbidity and mortality in Israel is extremely high. But I am now focusing not on the medical side of the issue, but on the fact that complete lawlessness is being created in Israel, and citizens cannot find help even in the international court of justice.

The second claim to the ICC was filed on December 6, 2021. The claim was initiated by British lawyer Hannah Rose. The application is made on behalf of the entire people of Great Britain. Hannah Rose is a well-known British human rights activist. Signatures under the statement of claim were also added by doctors Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer, and several other lesser-known citizens.

The statement of claim states the reason that prompted the signatories to apply not to the British, but to the International Court of Justice: «The seriousness and scale of crimes committed in the United Kingdom are highlighted by the range of individuals affected by these crimes, the fact that these crimes continue to be committed, the wide range of perpetrators, recurring patterns of crime and limited prospects for prosecution at the national level

The claim calls «the entire population of the UK» a victim of vaccination crimes. The statement of the Hannah Rose group largely repeats the claims contained in the statement of claim of the Israeli group Anshei Emet. There is also a violation of many national laws and principles of the Nuremberg Code.

Special attention is drawn to the fact that vaccinations are made not just with «experimental drugs», but with drugs that, in principle, cannot be called «vaccines». The mRNA technology that formed the basis of Pfizer and Moderna products has never been used in vaccination products before. mRNA drugs should be tested for years or even decades. The applicants claim that «potential long-term effects may occur in months or years”.

Attention was also drawn to the presence in experimental preparations of graphene hydroxide not indicated in official descriptions, which, according to scientists, is not excreted from the body and destroys the body from the inside throughout the rest of a person’s life.

Attention is also drawn to the fact that in the UK, any attempts by doctors to use well-known drugs for the treatment of people infected with COVID are being suppressed in every possible way. Any alternatives to Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca experimental vaccinations are being nipped in the bud. The statement also draws attention to the uselessness and even harmfulness of wearing masks, which is declared mandatory in Britain.

Finally, parallels are drawn between the current regime of so-called «quarantines» and «lockdowns» in Great Britain and other countries and the Nazi regime of the Third Reich. The statement of claim ends with the following words:

“It is imperative that the ICC take immediate action, taking all of this into account, to stop the deployment of coronavirus vaccines, the introduction of illegal vaccination passports and all other types of illegal warfare mentioned in this document that are currently being waged against the people of the United Kingdom through an IMMEDIATE injunction.»

Unlike the Israeli lawsuit, the British one contains a list of specific individuals accused of committing vaccination crimes. It includes five senior British officials, including: the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chief Medical Officer for England and Medical Adviser to the UK government Christopher Whitty, Executive Director of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) June Raine.

Also on the list are well-known personalities: the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Tedros Ghebreyesus, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab, Head of Pfizer Albert Bourla, Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca Stephane Bancel, Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson Alex Gorsky, medical research sponsors Bill and Melinda Gates, Medical Adviser to the President of the United States Anthony Fauci, Director of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) Frances Collins, President of the non-profit organisation EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) Peter Daszak and others. In total, the list includes the names of 16 criminals.

The Hannah Rose group’s application was registered with the International Criminal Court on the day it was filed, i.e. December 6. Soon it will be two months from that momentous moment. But, as in the case of the claim of the Israeli group Anshei Emet, there is complete silence.

Among the lawyers who particularly annoy the organisers of the «COVID pandemic» and «COVID vaccination», the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich should probably be put in the first place. Even before the outbreak of the «pandemic», his name was well known in both the United States and Europe. In particular, he helped win a multimillion-dollar fraud case against Deutsche Bank. As well as the case against Volkswagen for fraud with falsification of data on the toxicity of exhaust gases from diesel car engines (this story in 2015 was called Dieselgate).

Reiner Fuellmich was a co-founder of the company created in May 2020 German Corona Investigative Committee (GCIC), or simply the Corona Committee. The Committee began to accept reports of fraud and other violations of laws, covered up by the «fight against coronavirus». The Committee immediately received a strong flow of information from Germany and many other countries.

The Fuellmich group has a strong international character and has like-minded people and partners on all continents. The Corona Committee helps to prepare claims for submission to national courts. By the way, the Fuellmich group assisted in the preparation of the above-mentioned Hannah Rose group’s lawsuit to the International Criminal Court.

Reiner Fuellmich is well aware that almost all national and international courts protect the interests of those who organised the «pandemic» and «vaccination». Therefore, he had the idea to create an independent court, or tribunal, which would be supported by opposition politicians and the people. He called the project of such a court «Nuremberg 2″. Similar to the Nuremberg Tribunal, which tried Nazi criminals (including doctors who conducted experiments on people in concentration camps).

In mid-November last year, Dr. Fuellmich arrived in Poland to participate in the work of the commission to investigate abuses around COVID-19, created by a number of members of parliament. On December 5, the commission published the Warsaw Declaration against the New Totalitarianism. In fact, it became the declaration of the Nuremberg 2.0 project

Two days after the declaration was published, «Health Impact News» published an article written by Brian Shilhavy entitled “Attorney Reiner Fuellmich on Nuremberg 2.0: Justice will Not Come Through the Courts but by the People Rising Up”.

The article contains many interesting fragments from the speeches of a well-known lawyer. They give an idea of Reiner Fuellmich as a lawyer who has a very unconventional and bold mindset.

The author of the article himself (who is the founder, owner and head of Health Impact News) admits that he was somewhat distrustful of lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. For the reason that people expected: his (lawyer’s) rapid activity will not today or tomorrow lead to the fact that the courts will begin to punish the organisers of the «pandemic» and «vaccination».

Thus, such activities fed people’s illusions: «I had been concerned for some time now that his work was giving people a false sense of hope that there was some kind of International Court out there somewhere that would try this case and arrest all the criminals responsible.»

And the author of the article wonders: did not Reiner Fuellmich’s many years of work as a lawyer give him an understanding that the courts are thoroughly corrupt and it is simply naive to consider them as a tool for restoring law and justice? Brian Shilhavy even goes into a historical digression and analyses the post-war Nuremberg Tribunal and its results.

Yes, the perpetrators of the terrible acts of World War II were punished (although not all). But the organisers of the criminal and bloody war came out of the water dry. Even if we manage to organise Nuremberg 2.0, will the main organisers of the current undeclared war be punished? And who are they?

WHO Chief Tedros Ghebreyesus? WEF President Klaus Schwab? Medical adviser to the American President Anthony Fauci? Or are they «pawns» and we can’t hold the real culprits accountable for the simple reason that we don’t know them? Such difficult questions are asked by the author of the article.

But Brian Shilhavy says that he has seen Reiner Fuellmich’s latest speeches (including in Warsaw in November-December 2021) and is very satisfied with the position of this well-known lawyer. If Reiner Fuellmich does not have ready answers to the questions that concern the author of the article, then at least the lawyer keeps them in his mind.

Reiner Fuellmich, who has a huge body of information, does not spend any effort today to refute accusations of being addicted to certain conspiracy theories. The lawyer states: «There are no more conspiracy theories left. They have all become true and are no longer theories.» Some stupid things should not be reacted to at all, because they (nonsense) can not be the subject of serious lawsuits.

Reiner Fuellmich argues: «I do not want to get into this fight (about whether the virus has been isolated or not), because it really doesnt matter. I think we can do without answering this question. If we know that the virus is no more dangerous than the flu, and if we also know that we dont have a corona pandemic, but only a PCR test pandemic, lets go after the people who put out these lies.»

Yes, Reiner Fuellmich is well aware that those officials whose names are flashed every day in the media are only «sixes» in a big game. And the persons involved in the list of criminals contained in Hannah Rose’s lawsuit to the ICC are just puppets. But the lawyer is sure that through the «sixes» you can get to the «aces». Here is his reasoning:

And then, as the Americans say, lets follow the evidence. From one person to the next. And I am sure that many of these people, who are just puppets, many of these people are cowards, and sooner or later they will lead us to who is really in charge, and really responsible

There are some guesses about «who is really in charge and really responsible”: «From what we learned from Catherine Austin Fitts, of course, there is a very small group of very rich people who are running the who behind the scenes, who are using these puppets. I dont know, maybe 300, maybe 3000 very rich families who invest their money into large vehicles, like Blackrock and Vanguard, and some of the others

Here the lawyer mentions the name Catherine Austin Fitts, a well-known former investment banker and Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under George H. W. Bush. This lady really revealed a lot of mysterious things that help to put together the puzzle called «The Great Reset». I wrote an article about this woman entitled «Catherine Austin Fitts about the impossible-to-prove enemy

The lawyer also mentions institutions such as Blackrock and Vanguard. I would also add State Street to them. Johnson & Johnson is a giant financial holding company (the «Big Three») that participates in the capital of almost all major, strategically important banks and corporations in the United States, including in the IT and pharmaceutical industries (they are present in the capital of all three American companies that produce so-called «vaccinations» against COVID — Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson).

Although many people know about these financial super-holdings, these institutions are extremely opaque. It is still impossible to understand what kind of people control the «Big Three». You can learn more about this in my article «The Big Three are scooping up America for themselves

As we can understand, Reiner Fuellmich believes that the Nuremberg 2 tribunal is obliged to unravel the entire complex network and identify the «spiders» who wove this network and who control this network today.

«Nuremberg 2», as Reiner Fuellmich notes, will not literally repeat the tribunal that was held in 1946. Then the tribunal was held after the end of the war. Now it will take place during the war. And the fact that it will be held during the war should speed up our victory.

The difference between the original Nuremberg trial and what we are thinking of, is that when they conducted the Nuremberg trials <…> it was after the war. The war had ended. What we are doing right now, and what were planning to do, is going to happen while the war is probably still going on. We hope it is going to be over soon. It wont really be over, because there is lots of clean-up work to be done.» As the title of the article suggests, in order for «zNuremberg 2» to take place, a «people’s uprising» must occur. Reiner Fuellmich is confident that it will happen.

On January 12 of this year, Maria Zeee conducted an almost hour-long interview with the lawyer. The corresponding video is named “The wind is about to change!”. In an interview, Reiner Fuellmich voiced his assessment of the situation in Europe: about 30% of the population has already woken up and they can no longer be deceived, and 40% are about to wake up. The lawyer is sure that a radical change in the war is just around the corner. And as for all the «aces» and «sixes» who organised and are conducting the war, the lawyer expressed himself as follows: «Rise up, and tell them to go to hell. Because thats where they come from.”

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